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A Narrative Focused  TTRPG hack of Yokai Hunters Society including inspirations from Troika, PBTA, Disco Elysium, Twin Peaks, and general Soviet Sci-Fi. 

A 2-5 Player game for both One-shots and long running campaigns. Heavily modifiable and open for hacking.

The Year is 19XX, you live in the city-state of Ludomir. After an upheaval  in 18XX, the nation that was once a loose affliation of kingdoms and royalites, became a scattered world of Autonomous zones and Worker Run States. While the revolution has already happened for those in Ludomir, new upheavals seem to threaten this state everyday: Imperialist overthrow, the ever consuming Ephemera, and even internal political combustion.  

As the people of this worker's utopia live their daily lives, only some know of the turmoil that could hit their city any day. You are one of those few, as an assigned Worker of the Ludomir Workers Council, it is your job to investigate mysterious occurrences, pursue interlopers and look into the ever-consuming Ephemera. With each action you take, you get a little closer to understanding the city of Ludomir.

As of this time, Ludomir Workers' Council has been uploaded as an early access version 0.1 Playtest. If any updates or corrections happen, they will be added to the project over time. 


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Ludomir Workers’ Council Ver 0.1 (Playtest) 240 kB
Ludomir Workers’ Council Ver 0.1 (Playtest) 692 kB

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